City & Guilds embroidery level 3….my adventure starts 5.11.18

This is the start of a course that I am so excited about. I have lots of sewing experience but have never really formalised it. So, I’m hoping that will change! The course is two years and is all about hand embroidery and my development of the craft.

Hopefully I will keep this blog up to date as things happen and I go through the course. I will share the ups and downs. Hopefully I will encourage others to follow.

Wednesday. 5th Dec 18

Module 1 submitted 2 days ago.       I was instructed to produce some evidence of sewing knowledge of threads, needles and types of cloth used for embroidery.I was required to make up 4 A4 size samples that were embroidered using different techniques of stitches.


This is a piece I made for task 1. I used David Hockney’s painting for my inspiration and used a small part. 3

The task required the sample to be made in line stitches. I tried to emulate the strong colours of the painting.


Task 4 was to use textured stitches. I used another Hockney painting for my inspiration.3.png1 Transferring design81A stitch sampler was required for task 5 using individual type stitches and making pieces by stacking or using different stitches together.   The last sample was another inspirational sample by my chosen artist, David Hockney.4The sample was to made using individual stitches. I love the colours of Hockney’s paintings.




  1. I know I am biased, but this is just so wonderfully creative mixed with a big heap of technical skill. Plus you are enjoying the process so much. Well done you 👍

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  2. What a great introduction to the course. I have completed the RSN Certificate, but I suspect this course will be quite different and challenge you in different ways and really stretch your design skills. I’m looking forward to following you on this journey, as I’m currently contemplating where to next for my own embroidery training!

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